Burning Hearts on the Road Less Traveled

There is a river of great books and blogs out there calling their readers to be radically sold out for Jesus. This is not one of them. Let me explain to you why that is. This blog is not for the person who is simply toying with the idea of following Christ to the very end. This blog is not another challenge to “surrender all” or re-commit your heart to God. This blog is not intended to simply “move” you deeply and leave you with warm fuzzy feelings. Brokeness and surrender are extremely important, but what comes next? How does the rubber hit the road? And what is “normal” christianity anyway? What is that supposed to look like? Normal christianity as Jesus defines it, is in fact, quite abnormal and extreme when compared to the church of today. What is normal to Jesus is not normal in the North American church. What is normal to the North American church is sadly impotent in Jesus eyes.

This blog is written to the very few who have dared to break rank and file with the accepted norm of “churchianity.” May the words on these pages find the hearts of those who have already seriously weighed the high cost of following Jesus. They have fixed their course, and have already taken concrete steps forward with humility under the guidance of the Spirit of God. What I hope to share with you is a deeply practical look at the day to day challenges and joys of living radically for Jesus.

Two close buddies sauntered along a dusty lane deep in conversation. With heavy hearts and an uncertain future they shuffled along sifting through the ashes that remained of what had once been grandiose dreams. Tragic events had steam rolled their expectations as they watched their messiah nailed to the cross. You’re probably familiar with the New Testament account of Jesus and the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. As they walked our resurrected Savior came along and joined them. He spoked to them and stirred their hearts deeply. What if we were there? What if you and I were those two disciples? We’re both trying to sort out what all this means. May Jesus in his great love and compassion join us here. May the Spirit of God cause our hearts to burn within us as he guides us deeper and farther along this road less traveled. How sweet it is to be part of a fellowship of burning hearts!

Welcome to this journey my fellow disciple, for it is a journey and I am not far along in it. So it seems you and I meet briefly here on this far-flung corner of the internet. This is a winding forgotten path called the Narrow Way. Its a refreshing thing to come across a kindred heart so far away from the comforts of the church pew. It may be that you’ve traveled down this road longer than I have. Walk with me for a while though, perhaps there are things that you and I could be reminded of. May you find encouragement, be challenged and moved into action.

Don Longworth

5 responses to “Burning Hearts on the Road Less Traveled

  1. Hi, my name is Caio Satiro, i’m Brazilian and have 23 years. My english is not good, so sorry for any error.
    I want to thanks for the blog, and say that, after i read the only book of Ravehill translate in Portuguese ‘Why revival tarries’, a year ago, I decided gave me to study and pray. I discovering this site in this week looking for the book of Willian Duma history.
    Brother, I’m very sad. I discovering that I don’t love the Lord as I love my self. You talk about be filled, I ready about this of so many sources. A friend of mine gave me a little book about John Hyde, and I stop to reading. I can’t say what I feel, but was bad. I weep much yesterday, and after broken I feel more peace and joy, but I thought “God still not come”. And this hit me some times.
    I do not give up, i just want share…
    God Bless You Brother, and the brothers out there.

    • Hi Caio,
      Thank you for sharing your journey! I want to hear how things progress and what the Spirit of God does in and through you in the coming days. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled!
      You are choosing the right examples to learn from- Ravenhill, Hyde, Duma, Just remember God will most likely deal with you differently then he has with me or these great men of faith.
      In my journey for the fullness of the Holy Spirit, I got so desperate, I stopped eating and said to God…”Your are my daily bread…fill me or kill me” Over the next 6 days something, not all at once but slowly something happened. God began to speak clearly by his Spirit to me…little by little like a spring starts to come out of the ground…more and more until I was filled with Joy and love for all men and began to hear God whispering to me almost every day. Since then I have known God like never before, and I have seen fruit from ministry like never before.
      Still there are so many things in my life that the Spirit of God still desires to work in me.
      That was 5 years ago now…since then I realized that the Filling of the Holy Spirit is never once for all, ..we need repeated and consistent anointings. I will say that since my experience in 2010 I am different…like a boy becoming a man.
      Also, since we are commanded to be filled, I know i can expect with confidence and faith that the Spirit is upon me even if I don’t “feel” anything. This is why I have made a daily resolution to confess, repent, surrender to God, Obey any leading(big or small) and believe by faith the Spirit is upon me.

      God has asked me this question at least twice in dreams, and I ask you too.. “What fuel do you have for the fire?” If you want the fire of the Holy Spirit you must make yourself like firewood before God to consume.” The more of myself that dies, the more the Spirit of God burns upon me…but if a few days go by and I do not feed the flame…everything goes cold again.
      Ravenhill once said and I agree…before people ask God to fill them…they must ask God to kill them.
      Caio as you go you will find that there are places in your life the Holy Spirit has not yet take control of these are places that you will experience new breakthroughs as you submit them to God.

      Finally, I would say, Fast and Pray and take hold of God for at least a week. If you can take a vacation to do this it is best. Find a quiet place, no cell phone, no friends, or family. Just you God, a notebook and your Bible. ..what ever He shows you do…big or small do it. Stay holy and pure. If your not sure if its really God speaking…then test it. If it won’t hurt anyone or dishonor God then try it anyway you have nothing to lose but pride…sometimes learning to hear the Spirit of God is like learning a new language…you can’t learn without making some mistakes.
      Please let me know if you choose to set time aside for this and I will pray with you during that time. God has promised his Spirit to those who ask..the problem is we have not given ourselves to the Spirit and listened for his voice.


      • Thank you Don. I acknowledge that i must put aside my emotions and feelins and live realy by faith…
        My last vacation I went to a place in a city near here that call “Bless Valley”, where churches and any christian can go make nights of pray, out door in the bush or in door, events, baptisms and other things…. I stayed five days there in september/2014, but not isolate, I meet some people there and go to library of a theological school that they have… Since that I anxious for a real moment that I can ‘be still’.
        But in the middle of this five days i went to the “house of prayer”, a separate place, and had some womans praying loud, for missionaries I think; I tried pray, but I can’t, something was pressing me and I humble, and my heart open, and I cry and feel such Love.
        After this five days I feel diferent, like my heart was ‘set’ more to God and more easily worshiping Him.
        Some times I feel like God saying to me “You know what you need to do, stopping pretend not”. And is live by faith.
        But in this last month I discovering why the Word say many times ‘Be not deceived’; we actually can deceives ourselves…
        But in this moment I’m looking unto Jesus, and intend to stay.
        I kept you mail.

        God Bless You

  2. The Spirit of God is clearly working and calling you. I can already see springs of living water coming from you. Is there any other man who are the same as you, who you get along with well? Meet at least once a week with him, pray, fast and serve God together…Jesus sent disciples by two…one will strengthen and correct the other.

    • Yes i have. I would like to talk many things that came to my mind, about what is going on in my church… But, that is an older brother, who house is used for pray in the Saturday, that really cares for fast and pray. And the youth leader two, is a young who, even studying, cares for pray.
      We, and a few others, hope for changes.

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