Dear conservative evangelical: don’t throw the Holy Spirit out with the “crazies!”

I believe when some one else says it better than me, I should “shut up and share it” instead of muddying an otherwise clear word.  So when a friend of mine recently shared this message from Pastor Tope Koleoso with me I new I had myself a case of “shut up and share it.”  Tope presents(speaking to pastors) one of the most well balanced and articulated messages on what it is to walk in the Spirit and know the Holy Spirit’s supernatural anointing.  He specifically pinpoints his own conservative circles for denying their utter need and reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish anything of eternal value.  Many are turned off by the gross abuses and disorder that has captured so much attention and disdain in the name of the Holy Spirit.  His challenge to you and I is that if we “throw the Holy Spirit and all the gifts out with the fanatics”(including the uncomfortable gifts we have decided no longer function) we essentially cut ourselves off from any hope of permeating our world with the power of God.  This leads to a form of godliness(which is very safe), but a church that is utterly bankrupt and devoid of power.  Paul said in 1 Cor that he did not come with wise or persuasive words but in demonstration of the Spirit’s power so that man’s faith would rest on the power of God and not on the wisdom of man.  

One response to “Dear conservative evangelical: don’t throw the Holy Spirit out with the “crazies!”

  1. I spent many years searching, looking for answers about the HOLY SPIRIT His work, gifts, influence, guidance, but usually in both extreme of the christian spectrum, and was left disillusioned, confused. lLike many truths and doctrine of Scripture they must be balanced after the whole counsel of God (His Word). Like a preacher said once, the hardest thing in christianity is to keep it balanced. Satan, the great deceiver love to push us in one extreme or the other, knowing that in both case we will be fruitless and pathetic working with the energy of the flesh, denying the power of God. thank you for such balanced message. jluc

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