Proving Jesus: George Muller

George MullerMarch 1839. Bristol, England.

George Muller oversaw the establishment of a ministry to orphans which would eventually care for up to 3000 orphans at a time.  What was most remarkable about George Muller was his humble conviction that God’s provision is a promise to those he calls.  As a result Muller never once appealed for funds for this massive ministry.  He was not too proud to ask, but it was that he was eager to demonstrate God’s glory.  He only ever appealed to God by faith as his only provider and sustainer.  He was a man of great faith and prayer.

During the early years of the orphanage they literally lived daily upon God’s provision without anything more for the next day.  Each day, was filled with miracles of God’s provision.  It was a rare thing for Mr. Muller to have  a few days of reserve cash for the operation of the orphanage.  George Muller kept meticulous financial records of which can still be read today.  He literally documented the miracles of God in his ledgers.

The month of March 1839 was a particularly difficult one for Mueller.  Bills were coming due, the orphanage staff needed their pay, food had to be purchased along with all the other day to day expenses of caring for so many children.  Muller, as always, made it a matter of prayer.

diamondA particular lady who heard of George Muller’s work was heavily convicted about how she had been spending her money on so many frivolous  and selfish things.  She decided to give her expensive collection of jewellery to the orphanage as a way of repenting and blessing the Lord.  By the sale of that jewellery Muller, as it was said, “..was able to pay the expenses of the orphanage for a whole week!” A whole week!  This answer to prayer so moved Muller’s heart that before he took the items to sell them, he took one of the diamonds and etched in the glass of his office window “Jehovah Jireh”  meaning “The Lord will provide.”  Muller would often look at those words etched there in the window pane and be reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness during difficult times.

Faith is substance. Real substance.  It is as real and tangible as diamonds.

Muller demonstrated normal Christianity.  Heb 11 says “without faith it is impossible to please God.”  How comfortable are you?  What exactly are you venturing out by faith on for God’s glory?  If you are not venturing out in faith guided by God…you’re not a normal christian. Sorry, but your not.  There is something wrong.

Leave a comment.  I want you here your stories of how faith became substance in your life.

Faith is Substance

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