To Ruffle Your Christian Feathers…

ruffled feathersOh boy…here we go!  I’m not rattling cages for the fun of it.  It isn’t about making a bunch of noise or claiming some kind of superiority.  When I was a kid?  Thats another story.   Growing up in Africa I used to poke snakes and scorpions with sticks to get my thrills.  When I was bored I would burst into my sister’s room simply to annoy her and “stir up some fun.”    I did it because I could. Because I was mischievous.
I used to shoot at beehives with my slingshot and then run. I got a rush from it.  I congratulated myself on getting away without getting stung.  Come on, some of you did the same things!  But There is a difference between destroying a beehive slingshotin the woods and destroying one in your house.  One is because you just want trouble. The other is because you see trouble coming and want to end it!  

What I am sharing with you is for the good of the household of God.  Something has crept into the church of God and taken up residence.  To deal with it and clear it out, will stir up things.  Know my heart is not to simply poke at you because “I can” and then run.   My desire is to form disciples of Christ…that means humbly standing by each other and “threshing out the chaff” in one another’s lives.   It is about humbly sifting out- our sin and error right down to the very thoughts and motives of our hearts. It takes a brave and humble person to face this daunting task.

So today are you willing to be “threshed?” This will take some time.  If you don’t have much time.  Come back later, maybe tonight when everything is quiet. Perhaps in the early hours of the morning when no one else is up yet.  Lend an earnest and humble ear to this bold message spoken by a missionary that I am commending to you.  It is a hard word, but full of concern and love.  Remember faithful are the wounds of a friend.  If you are a disciple of Jesus, you are my friend. May God give you grace not to get hung up on small objections but see the main truth and respond to it.

When you are ready to listen click here


You can Read the transcript as you listen.  It may help you really grasp what is being said.

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