How Desperate Are You For God? Would You Do This?

William Duma


How desperate are you for the power of God to be poured out on your feeble life so God would receive as much Glory as possible out of your life? How much will you let go of?  How fervently do you desire Him?  How thirsty are you?

If you don’t know who William Duma is…you won’t forget him after you here this.  After I heard Leonard Ravenhill recount the story (below) of this great man of God I new I had to read the whole story. His biography, Take Your Glory Lord by Mary Garnett, is out of print now.   I got a second-hand copy on Amazon although I see they are extremely expensive now($200+).  Perhaps I’ll share more about Duma as part of my “Proving Jesus” series.  If you’re interested to know more about William Duma, let me know in the comments section.

William Duma’s Call to Ministry

4 responses to “How Desperate Are You For God? Would You Do This?

    • Dear Brother, What you desire is a very good thing. May I point you to two very Godly men from history who not only wrote plainly on how to be filled with the Holy Spirit, but also demonstrated it in their lives. Both testify of the night and day difference it made in the power of their ministry. The first is R.A Torrey’s booklet on “The Baptism of the Holy Spirit” you can download the free PDF here The second is an excellent booklet called the “Enduement of Power” by Oswald J. Smith.

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