God and Your Peculiar Path

“It is very noticeable how, when God is preparing a workman for a certain definite service, He often leads him out of the beaten track into a path peculiarly his own by means of some striking biography, or by contact with some other living servant who is doing some such work…”
 -A. T. Pierson from the biography: “George Mueller of Bristol”

There is a path for you.  One that God is steering you toward.  It’s a role He is preparing you for in God’s kingdom.  Do you see it?  A child of God is specifically created and gifted for specific tasks.  What is yours?

file000721346091Here’s a few questions that may help:

Your godly aspirations: What do you often dream you could do for God?  Often God plants godly desires to point us in the right direction.

Inspirational examples: Who inspires you? What specific things about them resonate with what you desire to do?

Biographies and biblical characters: Which seem to resonate most closely with who you are and your passions?

A Recurring Burden: over the past few years have you had a very particular recurring burden?file0001464321189

Godly Affirmation:  Do other Spirit-filled christians affirm you when you share your desires or do they lovingly caution you?

Fear- Are you avoiding thinking about these recurring burdens. Are you making excuses for yourself because you are afraid?

Scripture: Has God used of  a passage of scripture or a recurring theme in scripture to repeatedly point you in a particular direction?

Prophetic Direction: Have Spirit filled people given you a prophetic word that agrees with other “road signs?”

Walking in the Spirit: Have you truly learned to discern the voice of the Spirit and  have you consistently been obedient in the small things?  Have you seen fruit from this?


“The rungs on the ladder of spiritual maturity are found in obedience.”

I’ve found that most people have a pretty good idea of the direction God is leading.  The problem is they are disobedient.  Disobedience led to another tour of the desert for the children of Israel.  I’ve heard it said,  “the rungs on the ladder of spiritual maturity are found in obedience.”

Count the cost because obedience will cost you now, but that investment pays off in eternity.

For a good example of all this..study the life of Joseph in Genesis.

Any other questions you ask yourself when surveying the general path God is calling you on?  Comment below.

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