ISIS: Christianity’s “Nineveh””

Dear Church,
Is radical Islam your Nineveh? Then don’t “pull a Jonah.” The bigotry and hatred I hear toward muslims from professing Christians is horrifying. True christianity is defined by going to our enemies. Or do we forget that Jesus came to us while we were still enemies of God.  He came to save the monsters of iniquity that we were. We killed him! Oh, church of God!  You may try to run from Islam, but you’ll wind up getting “swallowed by a fish” until you repent.

The Anvil

Can ISIS be Saved?

For the past few weeks the eyes of the World have been focused once again on the latest threat to peace in the Middle East. We have watched the rise of the new militant terrorist group ISIS make it’s way from Syria across Iraq. ISIS has shown no mercy whatsoever to those who stand in it’s way of forming a new Islamic state or khalifah. Reports of the worst types of brutality are surfacing daily. When it comes to torture, pillage, beheadings, or other types of atrocities, ISIS excels them all. Just today I read a report of beheadings, heads on sticks in the streets, and women being raped. Even Al Qaeda, out of concern for its own image, has distanced itself from this notorious and barbarous group.

America is now responding to ISIS threat that it fully intends to bring death and destruction to our…

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