The Old Saints and Us.

John Wesley Preaching at Epworth Market Cross

John Wesley Preaching at Epworth Market Cross

I used to get frustrated when I read biographies of saints like Mueller, Hudson Taylor, David Brainerd, and John Wesley.  What was so special about them?  Why couldn’t I know and see God like they did?  Why couldn”t I be used for God’s glory like them?  What was the deal?

God rebuked my whining spirit.  He pointed his finger at me and said something like this, “You are what the problem is. You have not sought me with all your heart.”

William Law exposed the problem perfectly in his book- A Serious Call to a Devout Faith:

“Now if you will stop here and ask yourself why you are not as pious as the primitive Christians were, your own heart will tell you that it is neither through ignorance nor inability, but purely because you never thoroughly intended it.”- William Law  

To thoroughly intend.  When you thoroughly intend to do something, you shift everything else out of the way. You plan, you prepare, you work, you focus and you sustain that focus until what you thoroughly intended comes to be.  To know and experience God, you must also thoroughly intend to find him.

By the way, if you’re looking for role models to help you, have a look at this post where I list a whole bunch. Let me also share this short video with you.  I believe it will help you along as it has helped me. Leave your comments.

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