Mighty Prevailing Prayer

Ian Paisley

Without many words, I simply wish to share with you by the words of much more worthy men than I the astounding power of prayer.  These testimonies compel me to my knees.  They indict me for my laziness in prayer.  Brothers, Pray!  Pray!  Always Pray! Its been said many times, but I’ll say it again.  The Disciples didn’t ask Jesus to show them how to do miracles.  They didn’t ask him to teach them to preach.  They did ask Jesus one thing.  “Lord, teach us to pray.”

Today I’d like to introduce you to Ian Paisley. The firey Irish evangelist mightily used of God.  Testimonies like his are truly like gold.

2 responses to “Mighty Prevailing Prayer

  1. Interesting that the disciples ask the Lord to teach them “to” pray and not “how” to pray.

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