Shattering Sermons

Shattering Sermons

“Is not my word like a fire and a hammer that breaks a rock to pieces?” Jer 23:29

Buckle your seat belt.  What you will hear, you will rarely hear at typical evangelical churches today(conservative or charismatic). Don’t expect a feel good sermon..expect truth. The Holy Spirit was upon these men, they spoke fearlessly and without compromise.  They have indelibly impacted my life.

All these messages are free to listen to or download from or YouTube

Ask and It Shall be Given you– Keith Daniel  A rare glimpse into the miracles of prayer over a lifetime of ministry in South Africa.  Keith Daniel opens up about the mountain tops and weaknesses in is experience of prayer.  Simply Amazing! Well worth listening to.

Steps to Genuine Revival-Ian Paisley  Ian Paisley lays out the path to revival in simply, powerfully, biblically and from personal experience.

Hell’s Best Kept Secret- Ray Comfort

Seek for Reality in your Inner Life- Zac Poonen    Zack Poonen gives a simple and powerful message on your inner spiritual walk with God and the power to overcome sin.



Ten Shekels and Shirt -by Paris Reidhead Undoubtedly one of the great classic sermons of the last century. Paris exposes the venom of humanism and how it has infected christian thinking. He tears back the overlay of what mankind’s chief end is and the lie that even the church is believing.



ravenhillSuch as I Have -by Leonard Ravenhill-an indictment against the modern christian and how vastly impoverished he is. He spares no punches as he exposes our need for the fullness of the Spirit and how we are unwilling to pay the price of revival. NOTE*(this is an old recording and is best listened to with earphones- it is well worth it!)

A Call to Anguish -by David Wilkerson- Wilkerson here stands as Ezra or Jeremiah did weeping over the prostitution of God’s people to the world. A form of godliness but denying the power thereof. This sermon demands a verdict on your soul.


Revival Hymn– A powerful mix of sermons skillfully meshed together into one youtube video. Speakers include, A.W. Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill, Paris Reidhead and Duncan Campbell who recounts his experience during the revival on the scottish isle of Lewis.


10 Endictments agains the Modern Church- Paul Washer delivered this bold message to a room full of pastors and church leaders on Oct 22, 2008.  This sermon is already a classic.  Washer fearlessly calls the church to true and earnest repentance.  He exposes 10 areas in which the church of God has been led astray.

Obedience When All seems Lost- Tim Hamon A masterfully delivered message on persisting when God calls you into something that falls apart.  I don’t know much about Tim Hamon, but this message is spot on.


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