Impacting Interviews


If you were to invest in the stock market who’s advice would you go with?  A tried and tested investor like Warren Buffet or a green-horn university business grad?  I take the same approach when it comes to spiritual matters. We so quickly take the latest popular christian book and swallow it hook, line and sinker.  History sifts out the gems from the passing fads of Christianity.  There is great treasure in our elders.  I want to pass along a few absolute gems!  The following are testimonies and interviews of saints who have been tested and true.  Not many of us get to sit in the same room with giants of faith like this and have them share their most valued spiritual treasures.  This is the next best thing.

Keith Daniel

Keith is a humble and anointed brother who has faithfully served the Lord in South Africa.  This question and answer period with Kieth is a rare opportunity for believers to glean deep nuggets of truth gathered over a lifetime of Keith’s walk with the Lord.

Bill Mcleoad

A great interview with Bill who talks about the path of revival being paved with prayer.  He shares his account of the incredible awakening that took place in Saskatoon.

Leonard Ravenhill

A John the Baptist.  Man of Prayer.  Used mightily to revive hearts across the world and denominational lines.  Listening to him is like getting in the ring with a heavy weight boxing champion. He will come out with a relentless onslaught of truth and conviction.  Fasten your seatbelt.

Jackie Pullinger

For all who know Jackie Pullinger’s remarkable ministry in Hong Kong you will appreciate her candid and very honest words here.  I have to chuckle, because at times the interviewer doesn’t quite know what to say next to her.  Old missionaries throw off some of the “refinements.”  Its good.  Makes us stop and think.

Art Katz

An interview with Art Katz speaking well ahead of his time with prophetic insight.  Art had Elijah’s boldness.

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